Provincial Governor Xu Dazhe inspects CIDIC (Huaihua)

On 20th September, Mr. Xu Dazhe, the provincial governor of Hunan inspects CIDIC(Huaihua) and Cultural and Creative Center of Intangible Heritage in Wuling Mountain accompanied by Mr.Peng Guofu, director of Municipal People’s Congress and other leaders. After receiving an invitation from Municipal government of Huaihua in 2015, CIDIC established the branch office here as a creative center.


Mr.Xu Dazhe was engrossed in understanding the series of creative outcome from “New Channel” Project, “Suo Shuo” (a self-created brand), packages for agricultural products and high-end equipmet etc. Hearing a detailed introduction from Professor Ji Tie, deputy dean of School of Design, Hunan University, Mr.Xu highly appreciated the work CIDIC has achieved.




Situated at the downtown of Huaihua with a wide-spread influence over Wuling Mountain, intended for “cultural and innovative creation for public good and precise poverty alleviation”, the Center constantly make innovations in product and service by developing indigenous craftsmanship. Develop the local industries comprehensively by relying on the unique local intangible cultural resource and win the poverty-alleviation battle with design. Pool in the resources of talents, industries and craftsmanship in the surrounding area to create a platform for cultural demonstration and incubation meanwhile build a diversified commercial space, establish the culture and education bases and implement the cultural and innovative creation programme to crack poverty and nurture the talents.



To meet the indigenous industrial demands, the Center aims to build an international platform in which rich design resources are introduced to promote the local industry towards international markets.


Additionally, the project outcome has drawn attention from American renowned Carnegie Mellon University and receives its invitation to Miller Gallery to attend CLIMACTIC: POST NORMAL DESIGN where 26 world first-class design team will get together to have a deep discussion about current social crisis.

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