Leftloft was founded in 1997 in Milan, a studio with multi-talented professionals to meet designing needs concerning visual communication, from strategy to the end product.
Leftloft plans and designs books, magazines, typefaces, wayfinding and signage systems for exhibitions, museums, shopping malls and all elements necessary to communicate in the digital world, such as logos, websites, exhibit and display designs, posters, leaflets and catalogues, integrating their knowledge with that of communication and marketing professionals for everyone who needs to diffuse ideas.

Leftloft has also designed corporate identity, packaging, print, environments, web, art direction, cover design, product graphics, illustrations, display systems, interfaces, websites, brochures, etc. for such companies as Pirelli, Moleskine, ENI, Inter Milan, Mondadori, etc.
“We believe the importance and the esteem that our work is given every day by our customers is an appreciation for our colleagues and for ourselves. This element findstradition and modernity in the Italian roots, carrying on the design and implementation abilities that have characterized our country through the centuries. We achieve our goals by going from ideas to facts, without rhetoric and adjectives.”

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