V12 Design

V12 Design is an industrial design firm founded by Valerio Cometti in Milan. V12 Design create products such as TV sets, furniture, coffee machines, portable computers, eyewear, lamps, mobile phones, etc.

The Estari dual screen notebook, the Brionvega TV set, the Aureliano Toso Bow and ITre Katana are some of the most well-known V12′s projects.

Valerio Cometti and V12 Design bring together the sensitivity of a designer and the reliable productivity of an engineer, capable of analysing and processing the most complex of problems, developing innovative products on demand. The great variety of design environments Valerio Cometti works with has led to a well-honed balance between a distinctive V12 Design style and a great respect the clients’ values and personality.
V12 Design’s clients include such famous firms as LaCimbali, Mediaset, Mondadori, Luxit and Seleco.

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