Sowden Design

Sowden Design has designed and engineered mechanical and electronic products since the 1970s and their  designs have consistently been at the forefront of emerging technology.

With dozens of international awards and a unique background as pioneers of the postmodern design movement, Sowden Design is recognized as one of the world’s leaders in product design.
George J. Sowden was born in the UK in 1942. He moved to Milano in 1970 where he started working with Ettore Sottsass and Olivetti. In 1981, he was one of the co-founders of the Memphis Group, the design movement that had a significant impact on design aesthetics in the eighties.

The same year he founded his design studio, SowdenDesign, and has since collaborated with numerous world famous companies, such as Olivetti, Alessi, Bodum, Guzzini, Lorenz, Rancilio, Steelcase, Swatch, Segis, Memphis, IPM, Moulinex, Telecom Italia, Tefal and Pyrex.

George Sowden has received numerous awards including, in 1991, the prestigious ADI Compasso d’Oro Award for design excellence Olivetti, Fax OFX420.

In 2010, Sowden developed the SoftBrew coffee brewing device.

The Studio has always researched and  paid  particular attention to the nature of the object, the language of design, the way products are identified.

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