Interaction Design Lab

Id-Lab, for short, is a design studio based in Milan, founded in 2005. It specializes in solving problems linked to technological innovation.

Id-Lab works in conjunction with Italian and international companies and participates in research programs with academic institutions. In the projects that Id-Lab develops, design is treated as a theoretical and practical working method, fostering intuition, organizing ideas, evaluating problems.
Id-Lab is a respected point of reference in the world design landscape, where it is acknowledged to be a new presence in Italian design. In 2006, Id-Lab was awarded the First Prize in the Bando Imprese Creative (Creative Companies Competition) held by the Province of Milan to identify the top innovative forces in the area.

In order to take advantage of the major innovations made possible by computer technologies, and to develop design projects in a digital context, Id-Lab has eliminated all internal separations among the various disciplines. Designers, architects, mechanical engineers and computer engineers, videographers and graphic designers, as well as experts in communications, psychology, marketing, economics, and administration work side by side, as peers.

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