Based on the “Sino-Italy Three-Year Action Plan for Strengthening Economic Cooperation” signed by Premier Wen and former Italian Premier Berlusconi, China-Italy Design and Innovation Center (CIDIC) is established on 21 April, 2011. Supported by both Chinese and Italian governments, six organizers are involved in the operation of CIDIC, they are: Agency for the Promotion of Technologies for Innovations, Value Foundation and Italian Association for Industrial Design from Italian side; The Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Tongji University and Hunan Industrial Design Association from Chinese side. Altogether there are three CIDIC centers in Rome, Shanghai and Changsha.


The purpose of CIDIC is to push forward the cultural, economic, technological and design exchanges between the two countries. Italy enjoys rich design resources, the world’s top designers, design schools and design companies are gathered all over the country. China is the emerging power in world’s stage, the industries in China have leveled up to an unprecedented horizon, and design has gradually gained attention from up to governments and down to companies and individuals. Thus it is the high time that we make use of the advantages of the two countries to build a prosperous design and industrial union.


CIDIC’s duty covers a wide range of design fields. Basically we build our service network in two directions: business cooperation and design education. We plan to set up business cooperation ties and academic connections between China and Italy with our efforts. Up till now we have involved design companies: Italdesign-Giugiaro, Giovannoni Design, AMV Design, TechnoMovie; design institutions: Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino, La Sapienza-Università di Roma, Tongji University, Hunan University; other companies: SANY Group, Zoomlion, Sunward, Sunbird, Jomoo, Oulin etc.


Any companies and designers that interested in CIDIC’s work please contact us, we welcome global partners to join our network.


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