Founded in 1992, Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd is China’s leading manufacturer of construction machinery equipment. Zoomlion is specialized in the R&D and manufacturing of advanced technologies and equipment for national key infrastructure construction projects, including construction, energy engineering, environment engineering and transportation engineering projects. With a registered capital of 5.928 billion yuan and a workforce of over 22,000 employees, Zoomlion has achieved an output value of more than 50.8 billion yuan in 2010.

Zoomlion built a five-in-one innovation system incorporating the National Enterprise Technology Center, the State Key Laboratory of Construction Machinery Key Technologies, the National Research Center for Concrete Machinery & Engineering Technologies, the National City Public Equipment Institute and the State-Level Post-Doctoral Working Station. It also acts as the Sub-Committee Chairman and Secretary General of seven major members of the China Construction Machinery Association. Zoomlion has applied domestically for over 700 patents and internationally for over 100 patents; we have over 600 non-patented innovative technologies and have registered 17 computer software programs.

Zoomlion adheres to the corporate concept of “Sincerity and Consistency; Essence and Perseverance”, placing equal importance on both endogenous (internal) and epitaxial (external) growth. Following the purchases of Powermole (England), Hunan Machine Tool Works, the Pu Yuan Group, Zhongbiao Ltd., Shaanxi Xin Huanggong Machinery Co., Ltd., Hunan Automotive Axle Factory, Huatai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., CIFA (Italy) and Changde Xincheng Hydraulic Machinery Ltd., Zoomlion acquired the whole operating assets of its parent company Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute and accomplished an overall listing in 2007. Today, with production and operation facilities located in places such as Hunan, Shanghai, Shanxi and Guangdong in China, and in Milan, Italy etc., Zoomlion has established a fleet of industrial parks boasting a total area of nearly 3 million square meters including CIFA Industrial Park in Italy.

In view of the trend towards global economic integration, we classify our products into a variety of branches including concrete machinery, mobile crane machinery, urban environmental protection machinery, construction hoisting machinery, road construction & maintenance machinery, infrastructure construction machinery, earth working machinery, specialized construction vehicles, hydraulic components & devices, construction machinery thin-slab covering, fire fighting equipment, and dedicated vehicles and axles etc.

Website: http://www.zljt.com

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