SANY Group

Sany Group is a global company in the construction machinery industry with a vast product range of concrete machinery, excavator, crawler cranes, truck cranes, pile driving machinery, road construction machinery, port machinery, and wind turbine. It has five industrial parks in China, four R&D and manufacturing bases in America, Germany, India and Brazil, and 21 sales companies around the world. On July 1, the British newspaper Financial Times released the 2011 list of the world’s 500 most valuable companies (FT Global 500) ranked by market capitalization. Sany Heavy Industry was put on the list of FT Global 500 for the first time, ranked 431st, with a market cap of 21.584 billion US dollars. Sany has become the first company listed among the world’s top 500 companies in China’s construction machinery industry. Currently, Sany employs about 70,000 people in more than 150 countries.

Sany believes that the developing and manufacturing of quality, industry-leading products is always a top priority. Each year, Sany group re-invests 5-7% of its sales revenue into the R&D, making it possible to expand its product lines to concrete, road, port, hoisting, pile driving, excavating machineries and wind energy products.

Besides constantly improving the quality of its products, Sany group is also committed to providing customers with all-round and efficient services. 15 logistics centers and spare parts warehouses have been set up with logistics and service systems all over the world.


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