AMV Design

AMV DESIGN - Design industriale, engineering, progettazione

AMV Design was founded in 1988. Over the last 20 years, this industrial design business has gone from strength to strength, and today it is one of Italy’s major names in design and engineering, its success stemming from the top-quality products it has created for a portfolio of international clients. Over the years, AMV Design has learnt to craft products that break creative boundaries and symbolize modernity; these hallmarks, plus the business’s comprehensive engineering background, have made AMV Design products widely sought both in Italy and abroad. Its Padua offices are home to the four main branches of the business: Industrial Design, Engineering, Multimedia, and Communication.

The founders of this young, dynamic business are Paolo Varotto, head of Style Research and Engineering, and Antonio Pinato, the General Manager. AMV Design’s tight-knit, enterprising team of professionals has correctly interpreted and met the requirements of a host of international clients in countries including the USA, China, Korea, Sweden, and Russia.



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